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import io.nacular.doodle.application.Application
import io.nacular.doodle.core.Display
import io.nacular.doodle.core.plusAssign
import io.nacular.doodle.core.view
import io.nacular.doodle.drawing.Color.Companion.Black
import io.nacular.doodle.drawing.Color.Companion.White
import io.nacular.doodle.drawing.paint
import io.nacular.doodle.drawing.text

class HelloDoodle(display: Display): Application {
init {
display += view {
size = display.size
render = {
text("Hello, Doodle!", color = Black)


override fun shutdown() {}

fun main() {
application {
HelloDoodle(display = instance())


Doodle is still under active development, so there are going to be gaps and bugs. Please report issues, and submit feature requests.

You can also join the discussion on the #doodle Kotlin Slack channel.